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The Daniel Caffo Hardwood Flooring Process

Hardwood flooring has two main processes, installation and refinishing.

Using our expertise, we will assist you in finding a floor that fits your needs. This could be a pre-finished floor or an unfinished raw wood floor. There are many choices; domestic or exotic species are available.

Pre-finished Flooring comes in a wide variety of species, colors, and widths. These floors are finished at the factory. Factory finished floors are ready for use the same day they are installed. They utilize an aluminum oxide finish that is very durable (some even come with a 35-year warranty).

Raw wood Flooring also comes in a wide variety of species, colors and widths. These floors are sanded and finished on site after installation. This means some “downtime” due to the sanding and finishing process. A site sanded floor looks and feels better, but it does produce a flatter floor. The floor can be stained to your desired color and finished with a very durable polyurethane coating.


We start the refinishing process by sanding with rough sandpaper to clean the floor of any old finish, wax, paint etc.. This process eliminates most dents, dings, high edges, and inconsistencies. After this step, any scratches made during the initial sanding are removed by sanding with finer grits. The perimeter of the floor is sanded using a high-speed circular sander, followed by the corners being hand scraped. The areas under radiators or baseboard heat are also sanded or scraped. The final step is to buff the floor using an abrasive screen to remove fine sandpaper scratches.

After a thorough cleaning, we apply one coat of stain or seal, depending on the look you desire. When this coat dries we apply two coats of polyurethane, sanding between coats. Satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes are available.